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Semenax pills have been around for several years now, and have enjoyed phenomenal success worldwide. However, some men may not have heard of this product, so we have published this Semenax review to provide facts and information about Semenax. Although most people are aware of herbal and pharmaceutical products for erectile dysfunction and penis size, many people are surprised to find out that semen volume enhancers are now available to dramatically increase semen production and ejaculate volume. having better sex with semenax

In fact, not only are natural semen enhancers now available, they have proven to be highly sought after, as millions of men have purchased Semenax and other volume enhancers to improve their ejaculations. Although most men enjoy big semen loads when they are younger, it doesn't take long before we notice that our ejaculation volume gets smaller and smaller as the years go by.

Often by our mid 20's the amount of semen ejaculated during climax is significantly smaller than just a few years ago. Additionally, these small semen loads are also accompanied by weaker orgasms, as the reduced semen output effects the strength and number of contractions needed to ejaculate the seminal fluid. By the 30's or 40's most men have experienced a very steep decline in ejaculate volume.

The good news is that products like Semenax not only reverse this problem, but most men using Semenax pills will see their semen loads become bigger than they've ever seen before. Semenax uses a patented formula of over 17 ingredients known for their effect on semen production, sperm motility, and orgasm intensity. Keep in mind the primary purpose of Semenax is to increase semen volume - if you're looking more for premature ejaculation treatments, then a product like Prexil is probably your best bet.

By reviewing clinical studies, our own research, and Semenax user testimonials, we have compiled the following information on Semenax, to give an overview on this excellent product for male enhancement. We hope you'll find it useful in your search to learn more about Semenax pills. Please use this Semenax review to educate yourself about this powerful sexual enhancer, and see if it's something that might be helpful in your own life.

Semenax Review

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Semenax - Product Claims:

~ Increases semen production up to 500%
~ More powerful, intense orgasms
~ Provides powerful, shooting ejaculations
~ Promotes sperm health and motility
~ Increases fertility, sexual potency, and vitality

Semenax - Overview:

Semenax is an all natural male enhancer which has proven extremely effective in dramatically improving orgasm intensity and semen production. Semenax stimulates the body's reproductive organs to increase semen production, and this increase in ejaculate volume results in longer-lasting, stronger orgasms. This is due to the fact that when you produce 3 or 4 times more semen, ejaculation takes that much longer to shoot out the extra semen and seminal fluids. This explains why you had such intense, long lasting orgasms when you were younger and had much bigger semen loads. Semenax will make these powerful climaxes and huge semen loads a reality once again. Many men take Semenax indefinitely because of the amazing impact it has on their sexual enjoyment.

Semenax - Testimonials:

"I feel like a newlywed again!"
I'm a married man and since taking Semenax, I feel like a newlywed again. It seemed like as soon as I turned 30 my semen loads were reduced to almost nothing. I really started becoming embarrassed about my small load size. I started reviewing different volume enhancers and learned all about Semenax. After a few short months I was a new man! Semenax has changed my life and kept that spice in our married life. My wife is absolutely thrilled! Thank you.
 - Derek Criddle - Canada

"I finally feel like a 'real man' again!"
Before being introduced to Semenax, I lacked the confidence I needed to perform sexually in the bedroom. My girlfriend let it slip that I had the smallest semen load of any of her boyfriends. She didn't say it in a mean way, but I was devastated! I felt like such a loser I couldn't even get it up for sex any more. Semenax pills tripled the size of my semen loads and now our sex life is really great. I don't feel like a loser anymore! Thanks Semenax!
 - Sam Coll - Victoria BC

"Count me in as a believer!"
I had seen the Semenax ads in several magazines and web pages but was skeptical as I've bought products before that didn't work as claimed. It wasn't until my best friend raved about results he received using Semenax that I ordered my first bottle. I enclose the before and after pictures I took for my own test and am totally blown away with the end result. My ejaculation volume started much bigger and it was happening almost immediately. As I said before I am a believer and now I am telling the rest of my friends (male and female) about the incredible powers of Semenax. I ordered a year supply and I haven't looked back.
 - Luis Quesada - Las Vegas

Semenax - Guarantee:

100% Refund for up to 67 days if not completely satisfied. Simply return the first two empty Semenax containers (your 60-day supply), and all additional unopened containers within 67 days of receiving your order, and Semenax will refund you the entire purchase price, excluding shipping & handling, for ALL product ordered. This allows you to take advantage of generous 'multiple bottle' discounts, and still be completely covered by the Semenax guarantee.

Semenax  - Dosage:

One Semenax capsule taken twice daily, usually after a meal.

Semenax - Cost:

1 bottle (1 month supply) ~ $59.95
3 bottles (3 month supply) ~
6 bottles (6 month supply) ~
$289.95 * (limited time offer)
12 bottles (1 year supply) ~
$399.95 * (limited time offer)

** For a limited time you can get Semenax for only $33 per bottle with purchase of the Diamond Package!

Semenax - Side Effects:

Semenax has been sold for years and there has never been a single reported side effect associated with Semenax pills. Every bottle of Semenax is manufactured to the strictest standards in FDA approved labs using CgMP practices. Semenax is a 100% natural and safe herbal formula with no negative side effects, and can be used as long as desired.

Semenax - Bonuses:

Semenax undoubtedly has the best bonuses of any volume enhancer when ordering multiple bottles. For a limited time, Semenax is offering incredible discounts with Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Packages. Right now, order the Semenax Diamond Package, and get 3 FREE bonus items, free express shipping, and a year supply of Semenax with a savings of $320 off the normal price. This amazing deal allows you to get awesome free gifts PLUS get your Semenax for only $33 per bottle!

Semenax - Shipping:

When ordering Semenax your privacy is assured. All orders are processed within 48 hours and then shipped via express courier. Please note that courier services will NOT SHIP to PO Boxes. All orders packed discreetly in plain brown packaging with no indication of the product inside. There is nothing written on the package that identifies the contents. Your huge semen loads may be hard to keep secret - but the Semenax "privacy assured" shipping policy makes it easy to keep Semenax as your "little secret" if you choose.

Semenax - Conclusion:

Since 2003, Semenax has enjoyed phenomenal success around the world for one reason - it works. The medical team at Semenax researched centuries of knowledge about natural remedies for sexual dysfunction and combined that knowledge with modern medical technology to produce a capsule packed with potent herbal ingredients.

The result is a safe and powerful sexual enhancer guaranteed to produce bigger, thicker semen loads; powerful, intense ejaculations; and orgasms which last longer than you dreamed possible. The Semenax formula is incredibly effective as a sexual enhancement supplement for men, yet is extremely safe - and this has led Semenax to be the leading semen volume pill in the world.

Semenax has helped over 2 million men achieve the sex life they've dreamed of, and taken their sexual performance and vitality to a completely new level. The best part is, you can try Semenax absolutely risk free for 2 months, and if you're not thrilled, send back the empty bottles for a complete refund. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Say goodbye to small semen loads, weak orgasms, and dribbling ejaculations - and say hello to huge, thick semen loads, incredibly intense orgasms, and sexual pleasure like you've never had before. Don't wait a minute longer - order Semenax now and get the sex life you deserve!

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