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What is Semenax? Semenax is the world's best selling natural semen volume enhancer - and has been since it's introduction in 2003. Semenax uses a powerful combination of more than 17 ingredients known for their effect on semen production, orgasm intensity, and male sexual performance. In the years since Semenax was introduced, several imitators have tried to replicate the success of Semenax with similar products, but none have come close to the success of Semenax. This is because only Semenax has a patented formula clinically proven to dramatically increase semen production, create powerful long-lasting orgasms, and promote sperm health and motility.

happy couple using semenaxUnfortunately, as men get older it's normal for semen production to drop off substantially, and this also effects orgasm intensity. Several factors work to decrease semen production over time, and part of it is just an unwelcome gift from Mother Nature. However, the ingredients in Semenax work to stimulate the body's natural ability to produce semen and sperm, and the resulting increase in semen load size leads to double or even triple-strength orgasms as the body has such an abundance of semen to ejaculate.

Semenax has improved the sex lives of over 2 million men (and women!) worldwide since it's introduction, and has never lost it's status as the #1 selling semen supplement. Semenax has proven extremely successful in increasing semen load size, creating stronger orgasms, as well as improving fertility and sexual potency. Using a unique blend of modern ingredients and herbs used for centuries in Chinese medicine, Semenax contains more active ingredients than any other semen enhancement formula.

Men have found the Semenax results to be simply astounding, and not surprisingly, Semenax has continually out sold it's competitors and remained the #1 choice for men looking to increase sperm volume and enjoy much stronger orgasms. The reason behind the success of Semenax is simple - it works! Men have discovered that Semenax lives up to it's claims, and provides dramatic improvement in semen production and gives men powerful ejaculations with mind-blowing orgasms. With well over 2 million men worldwide enjoying the benefits of Semenax, and a return rate of less than 1%, it's obviously quite successful in providing the 'sexual boost' men are looking for.

how semenax works in the body The Semenax formula uses a special blend of patented ingredients proven to increase semen production, produce stronger orgasms, increase fertility and sexual potency. Semenax ingredients include proven sexual enhancers such as epidmedium, zinc oxide, tribulus terrestris, L-arginine HCL, maca, muira pauma, catuaba bark extract, plus several unique ingredients exclusive to Semenax. This is why no competitor can come close to the success of the Semenax formula - they don't have access to patented and critical ingredients - and can't produce the same dramatic results.

Extensive testing by the Semenax research team revealed that the proper combination of ingredients in precise quantities worked to stimulate the male reproductive system and result in a dramatic increase in semen production and sperm volume. Many men will experience a 500% increase in their ejaculation volume, and enjoy much stronger orgasms as a result of all the seminal fluid being released during climax. Double or triple-strength orgasms are the normal result after a few short weeks using Semenax pills.

Several studies reveal that an overwhelming majority of women find it sexually arousing when a man has a bigger semen load. This is true for several reasons - a thick, powerful ejaculation is viewed by many as a sign of a man's sexual potency, vitality, and masculinity. Additionally it's believed that subconsciously, women are attracted to men with big semen loads as it is representative of their fertility and virility - and subsequently trigger's a woman's biological desire towards sex and and reproducing. 

Semenax - Improved sexual performance.

The ingredients in Semenax are so strong and effective, that the benefits of Semenax are quite extensive. Semenax is the only herbal semen enhancement formula that has conducted clinical studies proving it's many benefits. Men around the world have spoken, and the results are clear - Semenax works. Due to the effectiveness of Semenax, the company which produces the product - Leading Edge Herbals, is able to offer an excellent "no questions asked" 67-day money back guarantee.

The noticeable difference in the Semenax guarantee is simple - they honor their money back guarantee unconditionally, no questions asked, on time - every time. Several companies state "Money Back Guarantee" all over, but offer no details anywhere on their site, and no information is offered on how to actually get your money back. The Semenax guarantee is simple - Semenax will do everything it claims to do - or you get your money back - PERIOD. Remember - Semenax is specially formulated to dramatically increase semen volume. If you are looking for a product to cure premature ejaculation, you should try a natural premature ejaculation treatment like Prexil.

Semenax will improve your sex life in a variety of ways:

happy couple using semenax
Huge increase in ejaculation volume and power

Dramatically more intense orgasms

Increase semen production up to 500%

Promotes sperm health, motility, and fertility

Improved sexual confidence = MORE SEX!!

As you can see, the benefits of Semenax are extensive. This leads to the inevitable question - "are there any side effects with Semenax?" That's what makes Semenax such a highly successful male supplement - Semenax provides dramatic improvement to your sexual performance and enjoyment - with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Semenax is a safe, effective formula which is completely natural, and has no negative side effects.  This makes Semenax a much wiser and safer choice compared to cheap knock-offs and imitators. When you consider the many positive effects of Semenax, and the fact it is absolutely safe, it's little wonder that Semenax has for years been voted the best semen volume enhancer by the researchers and editors at

Semenax is guaranteed to rejuvenate your sexual vitality and substantially improve your semen production and orgasm intensity - if not, you get all your money back - no questions asked. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, Semenax will ensure you're always achieving peak performance in the bedroom. Find out how millions of men worldwide have already transformed their sex lives, safely and quickly - with Semenax. How does Semenax compare to the competition? Find out here in this informative sperm pill review.

Semenax - In the news.

Semenax has proven so effective and popular with men that it's no surprise that it has gained a huge amount of media attention. Semenax has been featured on several medical news reports and male health journals, both on TV and in print. View the Semenax video below for medical commentary on why Semenax works and how it can transform your sexual performance and enjoyment.

Semenax has already helped men from around the globe achieve better sexual performance and better sex lives. If you've ever been embarrassed or disappointed in your ejaculation volume, you are not alone. Many men feel severely embarrassed about their semen load size, even though they're not to blame. If you'd like to learn more about how Semenax will change your life, we encourage you to visit the official Semenax website to learn more about this life changing product.

The thing to remember is - it's not your fault. Mother nature and the effects of age can play cruel tricks on men, but Semenax turns back the clock and lets you enjoy sex like a teenager again. If you want your sex life to be the best it can be, and feel sexual pleasure you haven't felt in years, then Semenax is the answer you've been looking for.

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